This time is war: Hacker group Anonymous issues global threat against ISIS in response to Paris attacks


Anonymous have released a statement declaring all-out cyberwar on the ISIS organization, threatening to intercept all their communications and take down all their online bank accounts.

The threats follow the atrocities committed by ISIS on Friday, which left 129 dead and hundreds more injured, many of them critically.

Part of the war declaration reads: “”We are upping our game, you will now be hit by major cyber attacks.”

“We are furious with the repeated slaughter of innocent citizens in the name of a peaceful religion, you clearly don’t respect you beliefs.”

“And you clearly have no respect for human life and evolution. We are coming to get you, we will be hitting you harder than ever.

“We don’t need to tell you to expect us because we have already proven ourselves time and time again to you but you still show no regard for mankind.”

The voice behind the Anonymous’s trade mark Guy Fawkes mask added: “Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down.”

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