‘Power is a drug:’ How one man’s hubris is signing Labour’s death warrant


Like Gollum clutching the Ring of Power and hoarsely whispering ‘My precious…my precious’, Environment Minister Alan Kelly’s recent, and very public claims that ‘power is a drug’, are almost certain to put a merciful end to the already severely undermined chances of re-election for the Labour party.

After a long string of disastrous policies that represented pretty much the antithesis of what the true Labour ideology should stand for, Joan Burton’s party currently has a paltry 7% popular support. A total annihilation at the polls is the most likely outcome, no matter what.

And to compound the problem, internal conflict among party ranks is rife. Alan Kelly’s ambitions to oust Joan Burton are no secret. He admitted it himself, when he said ‘power is a drug.’ But it’s the way he’s going about political business that is torpedoing his own chances, and Labour’s in general.

Kelly’s recent run in with Newstalk presenter Chris Donoghoue brought to light the young politician’s bullish tactics. He loudly complained about Donoghue’s ‘editorial choices’, in other words, why a political rival got to go on the show before him. Bad language was allegedly used. Newstalk are now lodging an official complaint, while a spokesman for Kelly’s camp strenuously moved to deny that anything of the sort happened, and that the whole incident was ‘a storm in a teacup.’

Joan Burton herself was forced to take Kelly down a notch or two when he claimed to be ‘his own boss.’ Now, the Tanaiste is having doors slammed in her face while canvassing, largely due to the infamous Jobstown incident, and her sanctioning of the party’s policies. With such disarray at a crucial time, the future for Labour looks bleak indeed.

There is a famous quote that says “People who worship only themselves get a slick, polished look — like monuments. Too bad they had to go so soon.”

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