From the ashes of Boyzone and Westlife, a hybrid monstrosity rises: ‘Boyzlife’


If you are, or were, or would be again, a fan of Irish boy bands, your wildest dreams will become a reality today, as a new, no-girls-allowed hybrid is about to rise from among the dusty vestiges of Boyzone and Westlife.

Boyzlife is the moniker given to this modern Prometheus of musical commercialism, and Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy are reportedly pulling the levers to infuse it with unholy life.

The two will stand on their own as the ‘band’, but are willing to team up with whoever else wishes to stitch Boyzlife up together to perform ‘classic’ hits from the two erstwhile groups.

Initial plans call for 12 perfunctory shows in the UK and Ireland, with a proposed kick-off date of October 16 in London.

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