Terrorist action most likely cause of downing of EgyptAir airliner


EgyptAir Flight MS804 disappeared from radar screens over the Mediterranean Sea earlier today, minutes after its last communication with air traffic control.

The flight, an Airbus A320 model, was carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew on board at the time of its disapperance. Authorities have now confirmed that the plane likely crashed into the sea, after satellite images revealed that the aircraft made a sudden 90-degree turn to the left, then an almost 360 turn to the right, thus reversing direction, and subsequently plunged about 22,000ft.

The quick and dramatic nature of these actions suggest that the aircraft was struck by a sudden event, which almost rules out a mechanical failure, pointing instead to foul play.

While nothing has been confirmed, Egyptian authorities have now suggested that terrorist activity may have brought the airliner down.

Search and rescue teams have now spotted debris floating around the area of possible impact.

Earlier reports said that a fisherman had witnessed a ‘flame in the sky’ around the area where the plane is thought to have crashed.

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