Indonesian man says goodbye to 2016 celebrating his 146th birthday


Saparman Sodimejo has so far defied all odds, and turned 146 last night.

Yes, you read right. 146. According to the local birth register, Mr. Sodimejo was born on December 31st, 1870.

While Indonesian authorities do back up the claim, there isn’t yet an independent verification to categorically say that the man is indeed of such extreme age. If it turns out to be authentic though, he’d instantly become the oldest person alive, and by quite a margin too. The current record for human longevity is held by Jeanne Calment, who passed away August 4, 1997, at the good age of 122.

Mr. Sodimejo, who has seen off four wives, ten siblings, and all of his children, is said to be in relatively good health, and even allowed himself to have a slice of cake during his birthday celebration in central Java.

His secret for such a long life? Patience.

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