Mo’ money: EU countries ready to pounce on Apple’s billions


EU countries are lining up cap in hand to get a hefty slice of the 19bn money pie baked by the recent tax ruling.

Last month’s EU resolution that Ireland can claim up piles of money in back taxes owed by the tech giant sent shockwaves across the continent, and greatly angered officials in Washington.

The Irish Government however, in all its wisdom, looked at the gift money horse in the mouth and said nay, we’d rather Apple keep it, lest their jobs teat runs dry for us.

Other, more shrewd EU leaders though are keener on getting their fair share of the cash pie in the sky.

Like warring distant cousins at a will reading, Spain, Italy, and Austria have tripped and shoved each other for the pole position in the beggars grid, and are frantically leafing through ledgers to see how much Apple may have pilfered through the years.

And so the wacky race for Apple’s billions begins. Place your bets as to who the winner and the losers may be.