The Princess returns to the stars: Carrie Fisher – A life


Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper,’ Princess Leia said, in an almost mocking tone, to a stormtrooper-clad Luke Skywalker.

And just like that, the Princess and her savior became acquainted.

Carrie Fisher has sadly passed away today, meeting an untimely end at the young age of 60. She will forever be remembered for playing the part of the wayward Princess Leia, a diplomat from Alderaan who had the guts to face down Darth Vader himself and save the galaxy in the process.

Daughter of well-known actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher, she made her on screen debut back in 1975, in the almost forgotten movie Shampoo.

But it would be two years later, when Fisher landed the part of Princess Leia in Star Wars, that Fisher’s life would change forever. She was barely 19 at the time.

Star Wars would go on to become a landmark moment in cinema history for many reasons, and the trappings of fame would not always bode positiveness for the cast, and specially for Fisher.

Substance abuse began plaguing the now well-known actor, and behind Leia’s tough facade hid a troubled individual that struggled with what she had become. ‘Drugs made me feel normal,’ Fisher said once in a candid interview.

Fisher was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1985, something she made no secret of, and fought hard to remove the stigma attached to those who suffered the disorder. Fisher put her acting career on hold to deal with her mental health issues, and dedicated her efforts into writing books. Wishful Drinking and Surrender the Pink were the outcome of this writing period.

A little later on, in 1987, Fisher published a best-selling semi-autobiographical work, Postcards from the Edge, which would later be turned into a movie starring Meryl Streep.

She would return to acting for The Force Awakens, in which she rejoined most of the original cast from the 1977 classic.

From Hollywood wild child, to teenage pin-up and Percodan-addicted celebrity, not to mention her alter ego, Princess Leia, Fisher was a fascinating force on and off the stage. Later in life, her personal issues somewhat overshadowed her achievements, but one thing is for certain: The Princess has now returned to the stars where she belongs.