Rise of the machines: Russian-made robot taught markmanship skills, can hit targets wielding dual guns


FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) is a Russian-made, humanoid robotic entity with a lot of skills under its metallic belt, so to speak.

FEDOR’s objective is to fly on a solo mission into space in 2021, but until such time comes, he is learning a lot.

FEDOR’s knows how to use keys, is skillfull with a variety of tools, and can drive vehicles. And his latest skill is shooting.

Videos have emerged of FEDOR wielding dual guns and hitting targets dead on at a shooting range, raising concerns that an army of autonomous, fully-automated, intelligent robotic warriors may be closer to reality that we’d perhaps like to think.

Developed by Android Technics and the Advanced Research Fund in Russia, FEDOR’s creators initially envisaged it as a machine to replace humans in high-risk rescue work.

Soon, however, a series of potential military applications for FEDOR became apparent.

FEDOR will have its time to shine in 2021, when he goes into space by itself. Between now and then, however, it is going to learn a lot more.