Russian Airbus crash: Investigators “90% certain” airliner was brought down by an explosive device


Just over a week on from the incident that tragically cut short the lives of 224 people, investigators are now almost certain that a bomb planted on board the aircraft is the cause of the disaster.

A sudden, loud noise heard on the plane’s Cockpit Voice Recorder just before the recording abruptly ends is believed to be an explosion on board.

The Airbus A321 came down without warning 23 minutes after taking off from the Sharm al-Sheikh tourist resort eight days ago. 224 people lost their lives as a result of the crash.

The plane’s wreckage was located scattered over a wide area, which is consistent with a mid-air breakup.

A group associated with ISIS claimed responsibility for bringing down the airliner, though Russian authorities have consistently refuted these claims.

A number of European airlines have suspended all flights over the area in the wake of the disaster.

If it is conclusively proven that an ISIS operative or supporter planted the bomb, security measures at airports worldwide are bound to become even tighter.