British sniper kills savage ISIS executioner with a single shot from a mile out


An SAS marksman killed a feared ISIS executioner who was about to set 12 people on fire with a single shot from nearly a mile out.

The ISIS operative, who had been on a kill list for some time, was well known for his brutal method of choice to execute prisoners, a flamethrower.

The sniper team set up a position on ridge overlooking the village where the execution was about to take place. The ISIS man first gave a ranting speech over a loudspeaker, and when he finished and got ready to use his weapon on the civilians, the sniper fired one round into the weapon’s fuel tank, setting it on fire. The conflagration killed the executioner and three other operatives nearby.

The man’s death saved the lives of 12 civilians, who were understood to be accused of being spies, and were about to be burned alive.

The feat is yet another display of expert marksmanship by SAS teams.

Recently, a SAS sniper took out two men with a single shot from 1,000mts. The men were driving a car full of explosives towards a target when the sniper’s bullet thwarted their plans. The round pierced clean through one of the men’s head and lodged in the neck of the other.

SAS sniper eliminates ISIS personnel from 1,000mts out


A SAS marksman reportedly targeted and killed three ISIS militants from a distance of 1,000mts.

Using a Barrett M82 .50 calibre rifle, the world’s most powerful sniper rifle, the SAS operative shot and killed three militants holed up inside a building.

Calling in an airstrike or utilizing heavy weaponry was deemed too risky due to the possibility of unnaceptable collateral damage. Thus, the task was given to a sniper, who took position about 1,000mts out from the objective.

He fired about 30 .50 rounds into the target building, almost demolishing a wall and eliminating the threat.

Munition from a Barrett rifle can successfully penetrate brick walls and other hard targets up to range of 1,800 metres.